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Apr 2021

Embarassed that I keep having to DuckDuckGo this but found a really good simple explanation here How to update a forked repo from an upstream with git rebase (or merge) another good on I found is here

Aug 2020

Recent Listening

I just rediscovered across this Dub album that was in my collection as a teenager:

May 2020

I just discovered Azure Static Web Apps - this might well prompt me to migrate away from using GitHub Pages for publishing this site...

Still trying to catch up on some of the news from Microsoft Build 2020

There was some good coverage here:

In terms of training and learning I found that I'd happily already completed 100% on the Build Cloud Skills Challenge - Azure DevOps. I really need to crack on and re-book an online proctored exam for Exam AZ-400 - Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions to finally gain my

A free exam voucher is available for redemption starting June 8, 2020 and is valid until January 31, 2021

My colleage @d0ugs mode some notes that have prompted me to go back and watch this Building Azure Apps using the Common Data Service

Also annouced into public preview - Azure Synapse Analytics is the 'Data Lakehouse' we've all (apparently) been waiting for: - it's an all-in-one studio for everything Data

April 2020


How to Work from Home

I've promised myself that I'm going to read this today...

Did a global pandemic spur your bosses to allow you to work from home? Here's a guide to working from home effectively for those who are just starting out.

From Scott Hanselman - Take Remote Worker/Educator webcam video calls to the next level with OBS, NDI Tools, and Elgato Stream Deck



Kubeval can be used to validate Kubernetes configuration files and Helm charts (e.g. for catching resource namespaces changes when there's a new Kubernetes version).

To install to windows using Scoop

scoop bucket add instrumenta
scoop install kubeval


Zeplin is a tool for 'curating designs in the cloud' as a team. Share, organize and collaborate on designs 'built with developers in mind'.


Career Tools

My pal Martin Short shared this with me this week:

10 Extraordinary GitHub Repos for All Developers

I particularly like, and need to go back to the System Design Primer.


Dependabot logo

Add Dependabot to your repo for automated dependency updates. it checks your dependency files for outdated requirements and opens individual PRs for any it finds. This repo contains some projects with outdated dependencies. Fork it to try out Dependabot!


While I'm working from home, I'm drinking lots more coffee so I've gone with this!:

SEASONAL SUBSCRIPTION — Fortitude Coffee One 250g bag of our seasonal coffee choice delivered to your door every week.

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