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Import Shapes into

When I need to draw technical diagrams for projects we're working on using Azure I need shapes that represent the services we're using and it's not too difficult to find sets of shapes that can be used in Microsoft Visio. But I don't have a licence for Visio and so instead I tend to use the popular drawing tool

Incidentally, is now called


After a quick search one I found was a Visio stencil for Azure architecture design and documentation.

Importing Shapes from a Visio stencil

Here's how

Download the zip file from Dave Summers' Github Repository:

Download from Github

Then Import the .vssx file:

Import the vssx

Then you'll want to edit the name of the shapes folder like this:

shapes folder - edit pencil

edit name

Draw-io will download a .drawio file which you can ignore if you wish:

edit - download

Here's how the shapes look when you hover over them:

edit - download

Here's how the shapes will show up in search results when you search for them:

shape search results in

Other sources of Shapes

There are some other shapes out there too such as the Microsoft Integration Stencils Pack for Visio by Sandro Pereira (@sandro_asp)

Last update: 2020-04-22