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Playing with AI

Image Generation

Using Microsoft Designer (i.e. Dall-E) to generate some fun profile pics...

I recently posted on LinkedIn that I'd been having fun generating caricatures of myself playing the fiddle in various TV, Film, and Comic scenes.

The prompt I gave to the image generation model was some variation of the following:

Caricature profile photo of a middle-aged father named 'Rohan' wearing a green lambs-wool sweater and a yellow check shirt playing the fiddle in the style of The Simpson's cartoon

Click here to make your own variation!


This isn't at all clear from the user interface, but each time you generate an image in Microsoft Designer (it's purely a web app) it saves the three generated images into the OneDrive storage for the account that you used to sign in to Designer. If you are signed into the OneDrive app on your PC desktop then you will also see the files syncronosed to your OneDrive directory location in a folder named \Apps\Designer\Generated Content\

See if you can guess what variations of the above prompt I used for these!:

Last update: 2023-12-06