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Testing Infrastructure as Code

Using PsRule to analyse Bicep templates

Last week I made this. It's a 'simplest possible' sample project to show how to use PsRule for Azure with a Bicep template.

You can find the repository on the Quorum GitHub organization here: qnrl/PsRule-Demo


A while ago a colleague recommended a tool called PsRule. I read through some of the documentation and it looked interesting but I didn't have a use case for it at the time, and it also wasn't immediately obvious how to use it.

I felt that what was lacking was a hello-world example that would demonstrate the value of the tool and show how to use it. Then I found a blog post that explained how to use PsRule for analysing a Bicep template and I thought that was a good example to start with, so I went ahead and made myself a project to try it out using the sample Bicep template from the blog post.

Once I'd done that it became clear that I could use this project to show other people in my company so I pushed it up to the Quorum GitHub organization so that I could do an internal 'Communities of Practice (CoP)' talk using this as a demo. I soon decided that I may as well make it a public repository so that everyone could benefit from seeing it, and so I added a few more tweaks (such as making it compatible with GitHub Codespaces) that would make it easy for anyone to come along and try out the tool.

Try it out here!


Last update: 2023-07-03